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PS3 HDMI –>DVI? VGA box?


im thinking of buying a ps3 but only if it can work on my current monitor

as far as i no its a 19″ 912SW AOC LCD monitor and it has 1 DVI port (which is used by my computer) and 1 VGA port (which is used by my xbox 360 by a 360 VGA HD AV Cable)

can i hook up the ps3 to my monitor? does my monitor support HDCP?

i have a 5.1 sound system but Im using an adapter to plug in the red and white sound cables to it (this means i have a 5.1 system but im only using it like stereo or 2.1) and every time i want to switch between xbox and pc i have to unplug and plug these cables and switch the video source on my monitor, at the moment its not a hassle but if i also had a ps3 then i would have a lot more switching cables to do,

so would buying a “VGA box” or something like that help?

wow now that I’ve thought about all this i might not even bother.

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