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PS3 help? I don’t know anything about it?


I am trying to decide to get a PS3 or Xbox 360. I’ve heard online for PS3 is free, but what can you do with the online stuff? Is that where you can play multiplayer and stuff? Also, I saw Xbox has different sizes like 4gig and 250 gig, does PS3? Which is best? I have a ps2, so can ps3 play ps2 games? Are there different versions of PS3? If I did play online multiplayer stuff, does it cost to set it up, like accounts or whatever? Any other ‘hidden fees’? Any information is greatly appreciated!! Also, if Xbox 360 is better, please tell me why. Thanks!

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  1. No hidden fees on the PS3 to set up your account and play multiplayer, its all free unlike Xbox which is like $50-$60 a year. PS3 has different hard drive sizes, but if you run out of space you can just upgrade your hard drive. You can’t play PS2 games on the new PS3’s. You can only play PS2 games on the old PS3’s, the fatter ones. But its worth buying a PS3. All the features that Xbox Live has, PS3’s online has it as well.

  2. I have both, and prefer the 360.


    Models: 4GB, 250GB. The 4GB uses an internal memory chip, while the 250GB one uses a hard drive. It is possible to add a hard drive to the 4GB model but you’ll end up paying more than if you just buy the 250GB 360 up front.

    If you are interested in online play, or buying games from the online store, it is STRONGLY recommended you buy the 250GB 360.

    Backwards Compatibility: The 360 is able to play some – but not all – old Xbox games. You can still find these used, or buy them through the 360’s online store.

    Online Access: The 360 offers 2 types of accounts. Gold costs $60/mo and allows you to do everything, including play against people online or stream Netflix through your 360. Silver is free and can do everything Gold can, EXCEPT play games online or use Netflix. Prepaid subscription cards are available at various stores and sometimes go on sale for $40-$45.


    Models: The PS3 is currently available with either a 120GB or 320GB hard drive. Otherwise they’re completely identical. All PS3s also support replacing the hard drive with any laptop SATA drive. Directions are in your PS3’s manual, although I really can’t see needing more than 120GB myself.

    Online: Online access for the PS3 – including playing against other people – is completely free. Sony also offers something called “PS+” which is a subscription service that gives you some worthless extras, like free play to certain downloadable games. When you consider its restrictions, PS+ just isn’t worth the money. The PS3 can also stream Netflix, and does not require a separate fee unlike the 360. (you still need a Netflix account, of course.)

    Backwards compatibility: No current model of the PS3 is compatible with PS2 games. Only the first few models of the PS3 were able to play PS2 games but they were discontinued nearly 3 years ago. For the foreseeable future you will need to retain your PS2 if you still want to play PS2 games. HOWEVER, all PS3s can still play PS1 games.

    Both consoles can use ethernet or WiFi for its local network connection. The 360 will support 802.11b/g/n while the PS3 just supports b and g. (802.11g should still be plenty fast enough for just about everyone’s internet connection so don’t worry.)

    I still prefer the 360 to the PS3. The 360’s controller feels better to me – more solid. I also like its triggers compared to the PS3’s rounded buttons, which just feel like my fingers are going to slip off. I also like how the 360’s controller uses standard AA batteries, so it’s easy to swap in a new pair of rechargeables and keep going. The PS3’s controller has no removeable battery pack so it must be plugged into the PS3 or my laptop to recharge, which is LAME.

    Also, while the 360’s online service costs money to play, it’s a lot better than the PS3’s which just doesn’t seem as smoothly integrated. It’s also slower (for me, anyways) and I’m still not happy with how Sony handled that hacking incident back in April which knocked them offline for a month.

  3. i have both and a Wii but i would go with the Xbox you have to pay 60 dollars for live but that for a year it really not that much Xbox has better online and no it doesn’t cost to set up unless you don’t have wireless internet oh and if you don’t what your xbox close to your router you’ll have to buy i really large Ethernet cord or wireless adapter for xbox on ps3 online is free it is worse though but it is free and it has wireless built in like the wii so that an upside ps3 does have different versions of memory but only like the really old versions of ps3 play ps2 games i think xbox is better because its online is not as laggy most of the time people are better at playing games then ps3 players where a live a lot more people have it i don’t know how to explain it it is just better if you get it you will see but now with the xbox a lot of dumb stuff is coming out like that stupid kinect stuff i hate it

  4. Get PS3.


    With both the current models of both consoles now including standard HDMI ports, the Xbox and PS3 are largely comparable when it comes to video connections. The PS3 outclasses the Xbox in terms of maximum resolution. , Microsoft only requires its games to support -720p-. The PS3 features a significant number of games that support -1080p-. That’s to say nothing of the PS3’s support for Blu-ray movies and the growing focus on 3D gaming

    PS3 is better its Blu-ray and Xbox is DvD9

    The only difference is the PS3 SAVES you money. You get blu-ray, free online, top notch games, and you can use any headset you want but recommended PS3 headset its much better.

    when you charge a PS3 controller 1hour it can live for 10hours.

    But xbox 360 needs battery and when you charge it for 1hour it only lives for 1hour.

    PS3 haves more and better games like: Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2, Resistence 5, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, Metal gear solid 4

    Xbox only haves Halo and Halo games stopped making it.

    the PS3 has more horsepower and support for a wider range of high resolution video and audio.

    Xbox The 360 took a lot of flack because of the ring of death!

    Sony did a good thing in offering online play for free, I refuse to pay for a Gold subscription to play online with the 360, im an online gamer.

    So if your going to buy a PS3. some suggestions.

    and Fat PS3 (Big) Or (normal) 40-80 gb lives more and Pieces inside are High quality and More Pieces lives upto 5years

    120-160-250-320gb Slim

    Pieces inside are less and low quality and lives less than 1year.

    Fat ps3 Doesn’t heat up and Doesn’t Freeze

    Slim Heats up from the first month and Freezes and its VERY noisy like an engine.

    In the end, what matters is how developers and publishers choose to take advantage of each console.

    King Fez


  5. When I bought my first console it was a PS3, but when I discovered that it couldn’t play PS2 or PS1 games, I immediately bought a second console, the Xbox 360. All around, I’d have to say the Xbox 360 is better because it can play original xbox games as well as the games made for it. I’ve heard claims that there are 2 types of playstations running around. Ones that have backwards compatibility and ones that don’t. If this is true, I guess I was unlucky when I got my PS3.

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