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ps3 help?. is there a price drop soon?


im either getting xbox 360 or ps3 next week is there a chance for price drop im only gonna have like 350 dollars next week or else illl just buy 360
1st job 1st paycheck im probley gonna get like 280-310 cash andi alredy have 53 $ store credit

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  1. Yes there will be a price drop , I think $399.99 for the new 80gb PS3, the only thing is it’s not backward compatible with PS2 games.

  2. i think that the xbox 360 20GB is $300 now or will be sometime soon. also, this isnt really a price drop but the 80GB PS3 will $400 in September. it will be just like the 40 gig except that it has a bigger hard drive of course. i would definitely get the ps3 tho if theres someway that you could get the extra money

  3. Dont get 360. Read my reviews.

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    I dont want you to regret getting a 360. Get the ps3 for the many reasons that are in my reviews. I strongly recommend you read them. The new 80gb is coming out soon that will be 400. In the long run 360 is more. Read my reviews and find out how and why.

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