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PS3 Internet connection help?


hi, my ps3 was on a wireless connection but tried to change to wired but realised i did not have the equipment to do so. then i took the internet connection test and selected wireless to return back to normal and then took the connection test at the end and it failed. i cannot sign in anymore or go on the internet.

please help

p.s for the wireless connection i’m using a wireless linksys broadband router

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  1. u will have to go though ur settings agen for wireless n make sure u got the security key in caps

  2. Well maybe the ps3 can’t detect the wireless router because of its range. Or you need to login into your router’s settings there could be some security problems or possibly a update needed for your router to make it compatible.

    Do you get and error come up on your ps3 saying ‘DNS error 80710102’

    if so then you need to configure your settings and check the IP address. Subnet mask, Primary and secondary DNS

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