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PS3 make alot of heat and noise is that normal?


I just got my PS3 today brand new from amazon, however the system was hot instant i turn on, and still is. Plus is very nosier, louder than my desktop. Is that normal? Or should ask sony for help?

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  1. I’ve had my PS3 for about 7 months and yes, the heat is normal. My PS3 does get pretty warm at times, but it’s all normal. The PS3 won’t burn up or anything, just make sure that it has the proper ventilation. Also, when I’m playing games, the fan does get pretty loud sometimes, but its not really a “bad” loud sound, it sounds kind of like a soft sound that is just tuned up. So yes, the noise is normal. I notice that when I turn my PS3 on, it is so quiet I can barely tell it’s even on, but as it warms up it gets a little louder as the fan spins faster. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with the system.

  2. PS3s do run warm. Dont keep it in a cabinet, leave it out where it gets plenty of ventilation. As for the noise? that’s a problem I think. Mine mkes a little fan noise that is obvious but not distracting. The fact you say that it’s hot instantly and noisy makes me think there’s a problem with the fan. Get it checked out.

  3. um not to sure about the noise but with the heat it says the ps3 should be out in an open area where theres a constint flow of breeze you can buy cooling fans for it the normally cost about $30 australian

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