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Ps3 mic level not working!! Please help!!?


Ever since I got a little bluetooth ps3 mic, I couldn’t talk. I heard other people crystal clear but they said they could barely hear me. They told me to go to settings, audio device settings, and when I got to my mic input and output and mic level, they said turn it to 5 but it would only let me stay on 3. The number 3 was white and 1 2 4 and 5 were grey and didnt let me click on them. Nobody could hear me. 2 out of 25 of my friends on psn could barely UNDERSTAND a few words i could say. I want to know how to fix this to play zombies with friends plus it is just so retarded. I really need this answer soon.



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  1. You can’t change the volume settings in the mic setup on a ps3 anymore , it used to have 5 settings but the first 2 were useless and if you set it to 4 or 5 it got feedback from being too loud , there is not any reason to set it that loud as the headset itself has it’s own volume settings , and most games also have in game setup you can do.

    If nobody can understand you because the mic is too quiet just talk louder or adjust the headset closer to your mouth , or try the other ear and check for in game mic settings ( sometimes called chat settings or voip settings ) , the settings are usually in the online lobby or online game-play setup , but sometime in the pause menu of the game.

    If the game has voip or chat settings and you don’t adjust it then your mic or ear piece can be set at the lowest setting until you set it differently.

    the main reason most headsets are not heard clearly is either it’s a poor quality headset or you are listening to music or other background noise is being heard , if the headset has noise cancellation or an HQ setting then you need to use it , sometimes it’s setup automatically but you also may need to manually turn these settings on

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