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PS3 not reading discs?


This is the first problem I have ever had with my PS3 after having it for 3 years now and as it always seems to with any type of equipment, it happened out of the blue.

When I insert any disc, whether it be a game, bluray disc, DVD, or CD; the PS3 makes a loud click noise when it would normally begin loading the game. Everything on the PS3 is working properly with the exception of when it is time for the game to actually load, it doesn’t. This makes me think it isn’t necessarily a problem with the eye. Anyone have any ideas on this on whether I should send it in or try to fix it myself?

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  1. I am sure its not a software problem, its a hardware problem (specifically the Blu-Ray drive). The loud click noise might suggest a mechanical problem in the drive (the small gears, the thing that drives the discs in and out etc.). It might also be a laser problem since you have used it for 3 years and this lasers dont last forever. Take it to a shop (prefabley SONY) and let them check it out.

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