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(ps3) Should I get Skyrim?


I have a PS3 and there seems to be a lot of complaints on the forums about framerate and broken quests, so I would like to know if there are any people who have come across these issues. Also, can you mention:

How big your save file is.

If you have a PS3 Slim or Fat.

How many hours you are into the game.

It also seems that the framerate issues appear to happen after the save file gets to 6mb+. If you are having any problems at all that arent listed then can you plz mention them as well.

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  1. They fix the Framerate issues. Yes you should buy it on ps3. ( dont worry if you see some bugs you’re not alone they will fix it on new patches )

  2. they have not fixed the framerate issues for some users. i am one of them. it just depends on if the patched worked for you or not. you might get lucky and you might not. good luck if you get it.

  3. Theyve pathed thpse issues and yes get it it is so fun and amazing, I am 18 hours into rhe game slim ps3 my save file is 15mb 🙂

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