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PS3 Shuts Off- Using American PS3 in Japan?


I’ve been using a American PS3 in japan for a month now. Now the ps3 just shuts off after a couple minutes. It’s not a normal shut off. It shuts off with like a sound. Like pewwwwww. Then I have to press the power button twice for it to come back on, but the it shuts of immediately with the same sound. It’s been working just fine until now. someone help?!!?!!?!

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  1. It has to be an issue with your unit or possibly your outlet. I’ve been living in Japan for a year and a half and my American PS3 works no different than it did back home. Unless you live in one of the parts of Japan that’s still on old 240V power grids then American electronics should work just fine.

    That said, PS3s are region free for games, with the exception of Persona 3 Arena and the Japanese demo for Metal Gear Rising (yes, just the demo), and Japan uses the same Blu-ray region as America so you could replace it with a Japanese one and do fine for the most part. You could even get one of the sweet limited edition ones that they don’t sell anywhere else.

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