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PS3 Trouble!!?


After choosing to do a quick format on the restore options, i waited until the restart and got to a screen that said insert your usb cord to controller and press playstation button. Every time i try this the controller continues to try and sync but fails. Now the ps3 will not even display on my hdtv after it was shut off. This restore happened after i was trying to setup my hdmi cable with my hdtv and lost all sound.

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  1. You have to reset your controller, on the back of the controller there is a tiny button find something to fit and then press it then connect your controller via USB and that should sort you out.

    With your HDMI cable set up hold down your PS3 button (System) then wait for 3 beeps then release then a message should come on the screen press accept then job done.

    Hope I helped

  2. If you lost your sound go to ps3 settings and you will have to unmute it.Same thing happened to me when I was changing cables.If it does not display on hdtv you have to put the hdtv cable and have your ps3 on red button,then hold it for 10 sec till you hear a sound and thats it.

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