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PS3 upscaling dvd’s.?


Hey guys, I have a 19” HD TV in my room and am very strongly considering buying a ps3 so i can watch movies on it. I hear if you watch regular dvd’s it upscales? Does it upscale it to HD quality? So will my movie still be wide or does it fix that? Also, does it come with HDMI cables, i hear those make it better. I’ve seen older movies, before the HD era, like Boyz in the Hood played on HD channells and they have great HD quality, will it look like that if i play a regular DVD in my ps3? Thanks guys!

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  1. hi m8

    i have used my ps3 on a 15.4″ and 32″ screen for dvd viewing

    i have watched a normal dvd ” rush hour 3 ”

    on it and it does indeed upscale it to full 1080p high definition

    u just need to goto system settings and choose full upscale

    hope that helps

  2. Yeah ps3 upscales dvd’s. im not sure about HD quality since i’ve never tried it but yeah i’ve seen settings for it on my ps3 and its pretty cool. and it doesn’t matter which ps3 you get all of them upscale DVD’s

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