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PS3 Welcome Back Wipeout Problems?


I already got Dead Nation from the welcome back program and I am able to play it. But for some reason Wipeout fury will not show up after I download it. YES, I HAVE DONE THE WHOLE XMB > ACCOUNT TRANSACTION>SERVICE LIST>SCEA PROMOTIONS thingy.but it still wont let me actually get Wipeout. When I got to my recent downloads, it shows Wipeout HD as a 100KB download and then a separate Wipeout Fury add on as a 700MB or so download. When I download the 100KB thing it takes like 5 seconds but no game shows up? Whats going on? Why did Dead Nation work but not Wipeout?

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  1. Same here, cant re-do through store as already selected my 2 free games. When I go to my account & transaction history and download again to try and fix same thing. Doesn’t show up as game just under game data, but cant do anything with it!

  2. bro same thing to me im freakin pissed. we dont want the demo man we want the whole version so what do we do?

  3. What someone else was so kindly trying to explain to you, the 100kb file ONLY UNLOCKS the demo.so you HAVE to download the demo, then the 100kb file unlocks the demo the rest of the way for you so its not just a demo anymore.hence it being called.a full game unlock.and not a full game. No need to be rude to the poor guy trying to explain it to you.

  4. I am having a similar issue.

    I downloaded Dead Nation as my first download and it took 2 seconds to complete (although it is NOT in my recent downloads OR my main game menu screen). So I tried the second free game and that is currently downloading and is in my recent downloads. If anyone finds the answer to this please do post how to fix this.

    As someone else mentioned, my option for the free game is also gone, but I do not have the game. So now what do I do?

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