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psn password forgot? ( playstation network)?


ok when i go for the date of bearth they say its incorrect,, is there a way they can just send the password at my email on which psn is registered

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  1. i would try calling the playstation company and asking them about it atcaully hers a link and u can email them about it; [url is not allowed].

    ask them and explain tot hem about ur porblem (i once had a porblem with my ps3 so i emailed them they replied back about 4-5 days later ) so they will porbably help u

  2. Here what u do got to playstation network on your playstation 3 than go to existing accounts and it’s going to ask u for date of birth and u type it in and u will get your password

  3. the same thing happened to me.

    First I forgot my password.

    Then I clicked on Forgot Your Password.

    I couldn’t remember what birthday I put and I found out that there was no other way to find out my password unless I guessed my password or I guessed what birthday I put. After I figured out the birthday. It gives you two options.

    1. you can have it ask you the question you put and then answer it


    2. they send a message to the email you put down. The message will have the password.

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