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psp 3.52 M33?


I wanted to update from 3.40 OE-A to 3.52 M33, I run the M33 Creator in the psp with these 150 and 352, the file is created, M33 Update, I run it and when it checks the PSAR (don’t know what it is) it says something, like an error, there’s something wrong and I can’t install it.

How can I solve this problem and install it in the psp?

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  1. Go to the below website to download the necessary files. 3 files you must download will be:

    1. 3.52 CFW M33

    2. 1.50 Official Firmware Eboot

    3. 3.52 Official Firmware Eboot

    One you download 2) and 3), you will need to rename them according e.g. 1.50 Eboot, rename to “150.eboot” without the quote and do it the same with 3.52 eboot.

    Place these 2 files under the folder of 1) which does not contains the % behind, at the base. Then throw the 2 M33 folders to the MS and run again.

    Most likely you got a corrupted M33 files or you got yourself a Fake MS which corrupts the update files when created.

  2. 3.52 m33 is actually a pretty decent custom firmware to run on a psp. It’s a lot better that 3.40 OE-A. I’ve had many less problems with m33 than any OE’s.

    Anyway, to answer your question. I failed t do it, too, while running 3.40 OE-A, so i just downgraded back to 1.5 and started over, and it worked just fine. I don’t know if it will work for you, but it did for me, and it’s worth a try, right?

    Trust me, m33 is better than oe.

  3. well i just changed my mind. after seeing the sexy recovery menu plugin from the xmb, its a must have.

    im updating it today.

    so i just updated it and for the poster, you need to clean your idstorage.

    here [url is not allowed]

    just follow the read me.

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