Home Playstation Forum question about ncaa football 12 on ps3(last years game)?

question about ncaa football 12 on ps3(last years game)?


has anyone edited the rosters from the 2011 season and turned them into rosters for this upcoming season(removing the seniors and earyl draftees and replacing them with incoming players or last years redshirt freshmen) i have heard all bad things about NCAA 13 about freezing and being glitchy and dont want to waste my money. where it will be like playing last years game with players on teams for this upcoming year

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  1. I have heard that someone has released all the rosters from this year’s game on to NCAA 12, so yes. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who the author was. Do some google searches and I’m sure you’ll find it.

    Honestly though, NCAA 13 is NOT bad. I absolutely HATED NCAA 12, that game was completely broken. The online dynasty last year simply didn’t work. NCAA 13 has a much better recruiting system, the gameplay, in my opinion, is better, and you just have more options. At the very least, rent NCAA 13 and play it a bit to see if you like the mechanics. To be fair, in my online dynasty, we have some of the gameplay sliders adjusted (for example, the interceptions are down from 55 to a 50, increased the speed threshold, increased the chances of holding, off sides, false starts, pass interferience, etc). Increasing that speed threshold is key, otherwise outside runs simply don’t work.

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