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Question for people with Xbox 360?


You know the ‘big black box’ that is connected to the console and to the powerpoint.Is this a transformer?
OK, how many of you know what a transformer is? It means if there is like 300 Volts entering the power point, this ‘transforms’ it to a more safe 12 Volts for example.

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  1. hah no its the power brick so that you 300 dollar system dosent fry when lightning hits and someone dosent have or for lack of common sense have a surge protector

    (like the ps3)

    even the wii has one

  2. it is a power box it helps you store energy and when it turns green it means it is turned on and the orange means it is off

  3. No its not, a Transformer is something u whatch on cartoon network of cars turning to cars 🙂 and just in case u dindt know, There is no such thing 🙂 but maybe someday years and years from now 🙂

  4. That is a power block that holds all the power for the xbox.

    Green light resembles that it is on full power, and orange light means that it still has energy in the power block but not enough to start the xbox.

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