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red ring xbox 360 help?


i turned it on and got the red ring of death. it says error e74 and to contact xbox customer support. i got it over a year ago from play.com, what can be done? can i return it under the 6 year consumer electronics law?

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  1. Uh, there’s no 6 year warranty on electronics? Much less a law? Only way something like that happens is if it’s a Class Action lawsuit and the manufacturer is nailed for a problem they never fix or even acknowledge. MS has taken care of this.

    For any problem not caused by you, there’s a 1 year warranty.

    For the RRoD, regardless of error code as long as it’s the 4 lights – MS will fix it FREE. You have to go to Xbox.com and get the console registered (should’ve already done this) and then start filling out a trouble ticket. It’s all there in plain English and easy to follow with instructions on how to get a ‘coffin’ to send it back free or send it yourself by printing a tag and using some OTHER box than what it came it. The Coffin ensures the best delivery, you should use that. NOTHING but the console goes back, empty and unhook everything.

    Takes about 2 weeks on average turnaround to get it back fully working. The Manufacturer’s Date is printed clearly on the rear by the power plug and unless you have a newer purchase date Proof od Purchase it goes by the one printed on the back. Like if you bought it 11 Months and 29 days ago – it’s a full warranty even if it was made earlier as long as you can prove when YOU bought it. Most of the time we lose things and use the date on the back of the 360.

    As mentioned NEVER open the console as it voids the warranty!

    And do your best to stay away from Craig’s and other ‘fixers’, especially cheap ones, until you are totally off all the warranties and have no other choice. Then look for quality if you want to be done the first time, cheap = cheap.

  2. Don’t open your xbox! Call 1-800-4my-xbox and they will pay for the shipping and they will fix this. This problem was their fault and they are trying to fix it, so it doesn’t matter if you are under warranty or not. Good luck and God bless.

  3. If it has warranty call microsoft. If not just go to craigslist, there are lots of guys locally that can fix it for like 15-20 bucks.

  4. Ring microsoft Xbox and they will tell you where to go depending your country


    Also, If you not covered then goto

    ebay.com and type RROD

    RROD is a common problem with cheap xbox except Elite which is the best

    type RROD and you will see a lot of help

    RROD mean Red Rings Of Death

  5. It doesn’t matter where you got it from, as long as you have the warranty paper. If you do, call microsoft and they will give you the address. If you don’t, still try to call Microsoft, if they don’t cover it because you bought it from someone else who didn’t give you the warranty paper, call the place you bought it from and they should cover your repair or replace your xbox.

  6. No, but you can send it to Microsoft because it is still under their warranty and will be for another 2 years

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