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Review: Playstation Camera for the PS4


Review: Playstation Camera for the PS4


  1. Hallow,I would like to ask you if i can take a selfie photo with ps4 camera and after share it to my smartphone or social m.´╗┐

  2. Heres a tip: If you wanted it under your tv just TAKE THE FUCKING STAND OFF! Problem solved.´╗┐

  3. Can u use it as a facecam for videos cuz when I get my ps4 I'm making horror game vids like outlast 2 and Friday the 13th´╗┐

  4. eventhough im curious about PSVR and would like to check it out in person just as a curiousity, but im not interested in buying one atm because of financial reasons its 399$ plus tax, but i heard you have to have the PS Camera for the PS VR to work. As well as PS Move which i heard is optional but will give a better experience than just the DS4. BTW is the PS Camera more accurate than the xbox 360s kinect? which i have messed with, excluding the xb1 kinect but the 360 kinect?´╗┐

  5. im thinking about getting one next month! i have a few questions, i have a headset (turtle beach) already and have 2 ds4s, my main ds4 has a chatpad hooked into the headphone jack with a pass through on the chatpad itself for my headset for party chat, but the ps4 thinks its a headset (chatpad) will i still be able to talk to ppl and party chat with the PS camera or will the chatpad interfere with tht since the ps4 thinks it's a headset!? any answers will be appreciated! and @A Teacher's Tech Blog thx for the review you explained things really good!!´╗┐

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