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Samsung BHM1100NBEGINU or Plantronics ML2?


I’m looking forward to buy a Bluetooth headset with a mic. I want it for gaming on my ps3. I play GTA Online and want to communicate with my friends online. Now which headset is better? And can I hear all the audio of the game through the earphone or its only for communication?

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  1. any bluetooth headset will work and both samsung and plantronics make good headsets but you can only use bluetooth for chat , if you want game audio too you need to spend more and buy a stereo gaming headset like this ( http://www.amazon.ca/PS3-Wireless-Stereo-Headse. )

    for bluetooth I recommend the sony headset because it is compatible with multiple devices without the need to resync ( meaning you can use it for your phone and ps3 ) and it has easy setup and great sound quality


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