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Scared of talking to friends on Xbox live?


Hi I’m 13 and I’m scared of talking to friends on Xbox live I don’t know what to talk about in xbox live and it just gets all quiet and awkward I am usually not the one to start conversations on my friend group but I want to on xbox live what do I say or talk about all I can think of is girls :3

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  1. Just be casual, don’t start over thinking things. When I talk to some of my friends over XBOX Live, it always go silent but that’s just what happens. I normally say something about the game I’m playing, it usually leads to a conversation about what they’re playing.

    If you’re friends it shouldn’t be awkward, it’s probably just that they’re focusing on their game. Don’t worry about it and just keep calm. I’m really bad at starting conversations but it’s not like it matters if it goes silent.

    Hope I helped 🙂

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