Home Playstation Forum selling ps2 (fat one)?

selling ps2 (fat one)?


if i take it to eb games or game stop what will they give me?

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  1. to be honest the ps2 isnt worth alot cause sony now have the ps3 which is doing musch better then the ps, ps1 and ps2 and there are less games for the ps2 for you to buy. and most people have a ps3 or xbox 360.

    if you do want to sell it you most likely get around £20 – £25 if the condition is as good as it was when you first got it.

    if it even has a few scractch it goes down to £10 to £15.

    to be honest its no really worth selling if i was you i would just keep it,

    cause once a upgrade of the game console comes out the old one isnt worth much, as soon as the ps4 comes out the ps3 wont be worth half of what its worth now and as soon as nintendo brings out another console the wii wont be worth anything what its worth now.

    hope this helps

  2. Not alot mate i sold my PS2 or was about to till they told me how much i would get for it. 15 quid it was worth including games, DVD remote, memory card(2) I said no thanks its woth more than £15 i still got mine today.

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