Home Playstation Forum Should I Buy A GameStop Refurbished PS3?

Should I Buy A GameStop Refurbished PS3?


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  1. True it was sold because it HAD a problem(s), but the term refurbished means it has been refitted with newer/reliable parts. That means the problem is solved and they will guarantee it. So I say yes and save a few bucks on refurb model.

    And really, to say Xbox is way better, well I need not say anything.the learned will know by now the true value of the PS3 and its steady stream of titles. Best bet, get a PS3 and PC and you will cover almost all of the games.

  2. If you want the 2nd best PS3 (to the original 60gb), buy it. It’s a risk buying it because it may have many problems and complications and the current models are more reliable (not that the PS3 isn’t). The likely reason the person sold it is because it has problems and turned to the 360, especially because that model is a good unit in terms of features.

  3. i dont really see how xbox 360 is better. ps3 has blu ray, and free internet. and if its older maybe it can even play ps2 games

    if you play online then you need to buy a $100 adapter if you want to play wireless

    get the playstation

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