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Should i buy a ps vita or a 3ds? Pls Help!?


So, I want to buy one of the above consoles. But, I cant decide which one to get. In my country Vita is less expensive than 3ds XL and same as 3ds.

Why I like Vita?

1. Awesome games like Uncharted, AC III Liberation, LBP, Killzone, Mortal Kombat. Many of which i got for Free with my PS Plus membership.

2. It looks amazing.

3. PS4 Remoteplay support

Why I am not sure?

1. Low sales.

2. Almost, no games coming soon.

3. 3DS seems to be pretty amazing.

Why I like 3ds?

1. Pokemon X and Y, Animal Crossing(dont remember the complete name), Mario.

2. High Sales.

3. Amazing Line Up

Why I am not sure?

1. I will buy to buy every game that I like.

2. The 3 listed are the only games that appeal to me.

3. No harcore games and I wont have any trophies, though trophies dont matter much.

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  1. If you’re planing on ps4 aswell I’d go with vita, the controls can honestly not be matched. I am an owner of both, and I deffiently reccomend both, but 3ds has bad controls for most games, but like you said Pokemon, animal crossing cannot be matched, and mario kart is also an amazing title. But vita is more on the hardcore gamer side, and like I said it’s got a bright future with the launch of ps4 this may gaurentee the bioshock title that I’ve been looking forward to since I got mine launch day. And many other developers will come on board with vita too. But if wait out the launch of ps4 and see if the vitas sales rise a lot more or not. And watch remote play videos to make sure it is as good as it sounds.

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