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should i buy a xbox 360 or a ps3?


i have a dilema. idk which one to buy, i know the 360 is hot now, but im pretty sure sony will be even better later on, cuz supposably ps3 got a stronger system, and i like some exclusives from ps3, and the blu ray and the biult in wi fi. so plz give me an un biased answers of which i should put money on. i dont care bout prices i would pay 600 for the ps3 no problem,, i just wanna know which system will be better in the long run , also keep in mind that the xbox already got a yr and some change ahead of the ps3, and the xbox really didint have that many good games either when it 1st launched. so plz help me out with as many details as possible, thanks

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  1. ok i did the same research and the ps3 is better hardware wise and by spring 08 both will have lots of strong games. the ps3 is free online and built in wifi (only 60 and 80 gig). also the 360 has about a 33% chance of overheating and dieing so you have to send it back in. i know a guy who went through 5 overheated 360’s so then he just got a ps3 because very little break.

    also bluray. the ps3 has a bluray player which could cost 500 bucks alone. the single layer hold 50 gigs alone compared to 8 gig duel layer dvds.

  2. 360 has more creative and fun games out. kameo was the coolest thing i ever saw when it first came out and blue dragon looks way cool too. plus 360 has halo 3 and lost planet and bioshock. the ps3 has very typical games. its just got amazing graphics. but the gameplay itself is very typical. i would go with the 360 cuz it also has guitar hero. lol

  3. ok gabriel if you dont care about money i would buy the ps3. because it has a longer life,there is blu ray,and wi fi. the graphics are the best known graphics of any known system ever. but the only problem is that it is kind of expensive. but the interesting thing i learned last night is that sony is suffering because of the ps3. they thought at first it would get them money but actually it is losing them money. but dont just take it from me ask the pros. okay

  4. If money is no option buy a PS3. It is insane. The 360 is good and has more games right now but that whole excuse is dead. There are like 2 or 3 games every week coming out for PS3 now so don’t worry about the games. Plus the games that are made just for PS3 all have amazing graphics. The only bad games so far have been multi-platform games. Also games like Oblivion, Fight Night, FEAR, and Rainbow 6 Vegas all look better on PS3.

    PS3 is cutting edge technology for the average household/consumer but with everything in this world going to HiDef and what not the PS3 is better suited for the next 4 or 5 years where 360 is using todays technologies.

    The only con I see to PS3 is that it costs $500 or $6oo bucks. But you pay for what you get and the PS3 is a top notch quality mind blowing experience.

    Play Resistance, Warhawk, Lair, etc. on a HDTV with surround sounds and you just might start to giggle at how much is going on all around you.

    PS3 is great. I highly recommend it.

  5. I think the PS3 is the best system out of any the three game systems because of

    A) Free online, which is also improving quite a bit

    B) Is somewhat cheaper than the Xbox 360

    PS3: -Xbox 360:

    60gb PS3-$500 -Xbox 360 Elite (120gb)- $450

    HDMI slot-Free-HDMI slot- Only with Elite

    Wifi-Free –Wifi- $99

    Rechargeable Controllers-Free –Recharge Kit- $20

    Online-Free -Online- $50 a year

    Blu-Ray Player-Free-HDDV. Player- $179

    Total: $500 –Total: $798

    You might not use these accessories, so that’s why I say the PS3 is “somewhat cheaper”

    Also why I said you have to get an Elite to compare it to the PS3 is because the elite is the only 360 console that has HDMI, which basically means it’s the only package that can get you true High-Def.

    C) Has great exclusives out/coming out and all of these are different variety:

    Heavenly Sword, Lair, Eight Days, Warhawk, Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear Online, Killzone 2, Grand Turismo 5, Little Big Planet, Getaway 3, Driver 5, God of War III, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Jax and Daxter: Lost Frontier, Motorstorm, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Resistance: Fall of Man, SOCOM: Confrontation, Tekken 6, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and White Knight Story. That’s all the games I can think of over 5 minutes.

    PS: Many of the great games are not exclusives anyway, so exclusives are not that important to me

    Ok, now onto the boring stuff…

    D) The PS3 is superior due to cell technology. This allows the PS3 to produce complex graphics far superior to any other console. The PS3 has a little over 2tfps and the Xbox 360 has 1. This basically means how well the system can do generating backgrounds like rain, clouds, etc. It also has to do with the amount of realism in graphical explosions and destruction scenes. The down side is however that it will be a while until game producers can max its potential because the cell processor is somewhat new in technology. That’s why games on the Xbox 360 look somewhat better right now. However, in about a year or two the PS3 will have better graphics. This is somewhat good too because then Sony wont have to make another console as soon because the PS3 has room to grow with technology, but then again nobody knows what technology can do in 5 years.

    E) PS3 will probably be the better quality as in life span. Many Xbox 360s are already having hardware problems (25%-33% Xbox 360 have 3 red rings of death) when there has only been a reported 1% failure chance with the PS3. PS3 also has an emergency shut down feature, so if you PS3 overheats it will automatically shutdown until it is out of a dangerous temperature.

    F) The PS3 as Blu-Ray. The Blu-ray disc can hold up to 50gb allowing game developers to develop a longer game, better graphics, etc. The Xbox 360 only uses its game on classic DVD discs, which can only hold around 8 or 10gb depending on what type of DVD. Theres nothing wrong with this, but as games get more complex the more space they take up, so I wouldnt be surprised if games are 2 discs for the xbox 360 in the future.

    Finally! We’re done with technology and hardware talk, but as you can see this shows how well the PS3 is designed.

    Final Conclusion: Xbox 360 has great games and isnt a bad system, but the extra 100 bucks are worth getting the ps3.

  6. Well if online gaming is what you’re after than Xbox 360 is the way to go because xbox live is one of the best online gaming nations out there. PS3 isn’t bad though, I find the graphics to be more intense and if you plan on upgrading your movie collection to blu-ray than the ps3 will help you save money on a game system and a blu-ray player. They both have their pros and both have their cons.

  7. Sorry can’t give you an unbiased answer, but I can give you pros and cons of each system.

    Just to let you know I have a PS3 and wouldn’t consider the 360 for multiple reasons, at least right now. Get to those in a few minutes.

    The first thing I will say is DO NOT buy a console for one or two exclusive games, it just doesn’t make sense to spend the kind of money we’re talking about for one or two games.

    Now on to the pros and cons of machines, 360 is certainly cheaper to get into initially, but when you really compare the prices, they are as expensive or more so, depending on what capabilities you want.

    Xbox 360 Pro = $349.99 includes console, 20 GB HDD, wireless controller (proprietary), wired xbox live headset, ethernet cable, xbox live (silver) service (no online gaming).

    Add $179.99 for HD-DVD, Add $99.99 for wireless network adaptor.

    PS3 60GB = $499.99 includes console, 60GB HDD (expandable by purchasing standard laptop HDD), wireless controller (bluetooth), PSN service (free of charge, w/online gaming), Blu-Ray player, Wi-Fi built in (wireless network), (current special 5 free blu-ray movies), Ethernet adaptor.

    As you can see the cost is comparable.

    Pros: 360, much larger current library of games, some backward compatibility of xbox games. Some of the hottest exclusive titles, because developers have had more time with the hardware, sometimes better developed game. Xbox live very good online community experience.

    PS3 (60GB): more powerful machine, blu-ray player, ability to have developers develope larger better games because of the built in media. Larger hard drive, can install another OS on the machine, can install a standard laptop hard drive to increase the hard drive size when needed. 95% backward compatibility with PS2 and PS1 games (60GB version has chip based compat. 80GB version uses software emulation).

    Cons: 360 is known to have hardware problems, ‘Red Rings of Death’ very prevelant in the system, Microsoft just took a large charge to ensure that every 360 manufactured was covered for the Red Rings, because they expect (they being MS) every, yes every 360 to fail within the 3 year time period.

    Size of media is limiting to games developement.

    PS3: Extremely small library at this point, PSN not as well conceived as Xbox Live.

    So there you go, some pros and cons of each.

    Hope this helps.

  8. 360 will always be hot! Then you can get Bioshock and marvel at its beauty. And halo 3 if that’s your bag of chips. PS3 still sucks so wait it out till they

    A) Drop in price

    B) Get all the bugs worked out

    and C) Have more games

    Plus ps3 online cant touch the Xbox live. There is so much stuff on there its a no brainer.

    My advice is this (mind you Im a former Playstation fan) Get a 360, get a bunch of games and Xbox Live, Play the crap out of it. And after christmas or shortly after when the Ps3 drops in price and all the new games are out, Go buy one. Then you have both. Problem solved. Have a nice day

  9. Microsoft has re-released the 360 ($399) as the elite ($489) les then two years after releasing the 360. There is no doubt that microsoft will be re-releasing another system by the end of 2008.

    Your money is better spent on the $499 PS3.

    Most Hi-Def games don’t even fit on the 360 format anymore. Microsoft still use dvds for games. Dual layered dvds only hold 8 gig.

    The ps3 games are on blueray. Blueray holds about 50 gig.

    Consumer Reports which is unbiased reports that the PS3 is more advanced and reliable then the 360 and the Elite.

    Just look at all the post about the 360. “My 360 is broken”

    “My 360 has the Red Ring of Death”. There are hundreds and hundreds of them.

    Get the PS3. I bought one after I gave up on the 360 after constantly have problems with it. Halo 3 and Gears of War just aren’t worth the hassle.

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