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Should I buy BF3 or MW3?


Why should I buy?

Pros cons of buying one.

Your option?

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  1. Well. It depends.

    If you have owned a copy of Call of duty before, you should stick to COD because it is MUCH different than bf3. Personally, I like COD. I am not good with pros and cons, but being an owner of both games, MW3 is a better choice even though its less realistic than bf3. The maps are much better, and there is even a good campaign AS WELL AS a survival mode. BF3 has a HORRIBLE campaign and no survival mode as well as bad maps. It is only good for online. So it SUCKS if u don’t have Xbox Live or PSN. BF3 is also one player only. and MW3 is 2 player. these are the reasons why i like mw3 over bf3. but many people disagree. so go look at the other answers!

  2. BF3! The campaign and online is So much better than MW3. I own both and i hardly play MW3 cause im always playing BF3 lol

    Also there are allot less jerks and campers on BF3 =D

  3. i think that you shud by BF3, i have mw3 and Bf3 and i played Mw3 in the beginning but i got bored very fast now i play only BF3 because its EPIC game.

  4. BF3 is hard to grasp but realistic. I’d recommend it if you were a decent gamer

    MW3 is easy to handle, recreational and fun. It’s a little stupid and you can get the same enjoyment from the others

  5. Bf3 if you want awesome realistic gameplay, mw3 if you wanna be annoyed by little 3rd graders. Not being a fan boy, just talking out of experience.

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