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should i get a ps3 or a xbox360?


im debating weather to get the ps3 or the xbox 360 soon but i don’t know which is better please help me make my decision thank you and GOD Bless

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  1. Depends on the games you like. I like PS3 personally but I like some xbox360 games too though.

    Ps3 games free online gaming and you can download free demos. You have a to pay 50$ a year for xbox though. Xbox360 has more exclusive games, Ps3 has higher quality exclusive games such as Uncharted 2 and God of war. Not to mention Gran turismo coming out though.

    Ps3 is a little bit quieter but you don’t notice that until you turn the volume of the tv down.

    Xbox has better background graphics while ps3 has better foreground graphics. But Ps3 has blue-ray so the graphics can hold a bit more.

    Hope I helped! God Bless YOU!

  2. If you want a good answer, specify what you want a game console to do for you. The console that caters to your needs & desires the best is the console you should be buying.

  3. its all gonna come down to what console has the best exclusives for you. in my opinion, the ps3 is better. not only are the ps3 exclusive more fun, but they have better graphics and seem to be more polished. when i play a 360 exclusive it just seems rushed and kind of old. the ps3 does (fact) have better tech behind it. the 360 is starting to show its age whereas the ps3 still has room to grow. right now, and this will become more apparent in a couple years, the 360 is going to have to release a brand new console to keep up with the ps3. the only game i ever thought looked and played good on the 360 was gears of war 1 and 2. when i played halo, it just seemed old and dated. almost like i was playing a game from like 5 years ago. i am talking graphically. another thing you should think about is the controller. i have always owned ps consoles so the ps3 controller seems more natural to me. but there are plenty of people out there that swear by the 360 controller. but look at a list of EXCLUSIVE games coming out for each system and make your choice due tyo that. but remember, most 360 exclusives are not truely exclusives cuz they come out on the pc as well. everything i said is factual except for my opinion on the best games. but honestly, you cant go wrong with the ps3.

  4. Well i dont have either yet but heres an opinion from someone whos not a fanboy


    -Bigger online community

    -Cheaper console

    -have to pay to go online

    -previously alot of hardware issues (RRoD however i think theyve fixed that)


    -You dont have to pay to go online

    -more expensive console

    -More for casual gamers

    -Not alot of hardware issues

    thats the way i see things, those are a few positives/negatives not sure how accurate they are because once again i dont have either consoles but Good luck anyways, ill probably find ppl yelling at me about something but oh well, im sure it will be better than those go xbox its better. or go ps3 its better. answers

  5. Well you should get a ps3 like i did, cuz there are many SKU’s for the xbox 360 and u might regret buying it, and xbox 360 has a HUUUGGEEEEE! power adapter, great game textures but can get blurry sometimes, and u need to buy rechargable batteries everytime for xbox controller which will cost u a lot, plus you have to pay to play online, and you have to buy a memory. As for the PS3, game textures are not better than the xboxbut they are very good but the graphics are extremely awesome and better than the xbox, the ps3 doesnt have an adapter, u just hook 1 single wire to the power thingy and thats it, plus its free to play online, and there are only 3 SKU’s which are 160gb 250gb and 320gb, the 40gb and 80gb are history now. I have the ps3 slim 250gb, works perfectly, satisfies me with MINT graphics and Online gaming, so its ur choice. P.S xbox has better looking controllers than ps3 and it has faster online gaming thats why im planning on buying it next summer, BUT get a ps3 and when u get ur hands on the ps3 then think of getting an xbox.=-)

  6. it depends on which one you are more familiar with the ps3 and the xbox 360 both have good games and good graphics however the 360 has had a history of problems most games that come out on one also come out on the other i would go for the ps3 because its user friendly and it doesn’t have so many bugs i had to replace my 360 3 times before finally asked for my money back an bought a ps3.

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