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Should I get playstation move?


I have a wii and its not that fun is it worth buying move controllers and games for my ps3

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  1. good question , it really depends on if you like those type of games or play in groups those party games

    other than for those dance games or the party games move is useless , except for a few shooters that support the sharpshooter which people say is better for accuracy and makes the games easier to play most move games so far have been where the move was an after thought add-on and it doesn’t make the games better or easier

    in my opinion it’s a no , unless they put down the price of the controllers to 50% off their current prices so that buying a bunch of them for the odd game is worth the cost

    they also need to add a bundle with just the move and nav controller for $49 or less , most people that have a camera already won’t buy the move bundles and the games that need one don’t come with one

    I agree , wii gets boring fast except in a big group setting

  2. My PS3 came with it.and if it hadn’t.i probably would not have bought it. There’s a few good games for it, but not many. It seems like more kid games use it in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I use it occasionally.but not even half as much as i use the wii (which isn’t much).

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