Home Xbox Forum Should I pre-order xbox 360 MW3 edition(whole console)?

Should I pre-order xbox 360 MW3 edition(whole console)?


I already have an xbox360 (new black version) but I want the MW3 one, I would probably get it for christmas but it would probably be all my christmas money. Should I get it or just stay with my original. Mw3 includes 2 customized controllers, 320 Gb!, and a copy of mw3. It costs 400$ but I just want to know what you think. Thank you!

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  1. Do not waste your money on the console when you have a perfectly working console already.

    Just buy the game when it comes out.

  2. No, unless your console gives you a Red Ring Of Death, don’t waste your money. Just buy the game, and if you really need the extra storage, buy a flash drive. As for the controllers, you could probably pick one up separate from the special edition combo, I know you can get the Gears Of War 3 controller separate.

  3. Its not really worth it. if the xbox you have now is perfectly fine then theres no need to spend 320 more bucks for a game ( MW3 is 60$) It will be a great game regardless of the extras. if you dont need it, leave it. Hope this helps

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