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should i preorder ps4 or wait?


i have a ps3 n about 24 games n i dun wanna sell it bt i wanna get ps4 also. The problem is that i got my ps3 in march 2012 only n i think my parents will not allow me. so my question is that will there be any loss if i get the ps4 after 1-2 years? n will the online community on ps3 become less after release of ps4?.

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  1. if i was you i would ask santa for a ps4 this year and see what happens,, if you dont get it, you wont be disappointed due to your thinking of getting a ps4 in 1-2 years time anyway,, it worth a gamble, you never know you might get a ps4,

    there is a good chance that there will be less people on the online community when the ps4 gets released, but we dont know is how much the ps3 will go down in price when the ps4 gets released,, if the ps3 does go down in price a lot you will find more people buying the ps3 due to they cant afford a ps4 and that will push up the ps3 community back to what it is just now,,

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