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Should i sell my BROKEN PS3 for a PS4?


I can sell my BROKEN PS3 on ebay for around £65, it doesn’t read discs and i have around 11 games which i can sell for around £35 which makes a total of £100. However the PS3 is in mint cosmetic condition and runs smoothly and can play downloaded games from the PSN store. Should i keep my PS3 as the PS4 requires Playstation Plus for online play and i would get free titles everymonth on both consoles which would make it stupid to sell my ps3 as i have put a lot of time and effort into some games. Thanks for helping xD

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  1. if people find out that your a cheap as thief then they can take back their money and leave a negative rating reducing peoples interest on your products for sale.

  2. being that it cant read discs, I would just fix it and then sell it. that way you will make more money off of it, and next time you sell something else people may look at you as someone that can be trusted to buy things from

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