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Should I trade my PS3 into Sony for a repair or should I get a new one?


I have the fat 80gb model and I don’t really care about backwards compatibility if that is the only benefit sticking with the old one provides. However, altogether with tax my total to send it in for a repair would be $137 while, as the prices look right now, a new slim ps3 160gb model is $249.99 at Best Buy.

Is it really worth the extra $113 to scrap the old one? I heard they give you a warranty with your refurbished one for a few months and if it dies again they just give you a new one, no? And isn’t ps4 coming out within the next year or so anyway? Thanks guys! All help is appreciated!

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  1. firstly just send it into sony as they will send u a refurbished ps3 yh and thewy also do a deakl where they take ur old fat ps3 in and give u a refurbished ps3 slim.so just send it into sony and yes they give u a 90 day warrenty with it and trust me the refurbished consoles they give arent bad my friends ps3 20gb broke yh about 2 years ago so he sent it into sony and recieved another 20gb ps3 refurbished and it still works with no problems.also with the ps4 thats only coming out by 2014 or 2015 really so its quite a while away.and if hte ps3 they send u dont work then they send u another one free of charge

  2. My 80GB PS3 broke down in Oct. of last year. I bought a new slim PS3 in late Nov. I spent more money keeping it working than I would have had I just bought a new one right away. I would suggest that you also buy a new one. Sending it to Sony is risky because they send you a refurbished unit, you have no idea what condition it is in, or how soon it will break again. I have heard too many horror stories of refurbished units conveniently breaking down after the 90 day warranty expires. So that means you would have to pay the full $137 to send it to them again. Even if it breaks down within the warranty period you have the headache of sending it back and getting another refurbished unit, which also means losing your data again. See Sony just reflows the broken units, which is the most temporary and least effective means of fixing them. There are better services that will reball (replace the cracked solder joints) which is a longer lasting fix, but still not permanent. That is the crux of of the problem; all these repairs are temporary. If you buy a new console you will avoid these headaches, get a new 1 year warranty through Sony (not the most comforting thought), and not have to worry (hopefully) about it crashing on you for years. I would also recommend getting an extended warranty from wherever you choose to buy it.

    There are no plans to release the PS4 in the next year or two. The best possible scenario is 2014, maybe.

  3. Personally I’d go brand new because you get your warranty with Best Buy and the warranty with Sony, There is no official release date yet for the PS4 but its supposed to be coming out just before christmas this year

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