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signal strengh for ps3 through wireless router?


my router is downstairs, and we upgraded to a faster speed because the connection was rubbish! but the signal strength is still between 30% and 45!! does anyone know if this is standard? or is there a better way to get a stronger signal?

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  1. i had that same problem and my router was just in the next room so i just move my router right nex to my ps3 and now i have a 100% signal strenght try doing that

  2. I think that’s about normal since you have barriers between the router and the 360.

    You can try using a strength booster or maybe get a MIMO or N router.

  3. You have bad signal strength. (if you have wireless internet)

    try putting your wireless adapter closer to your PS3.

  4. This is completely normal.

    Problem is this, your router is downstairs.

    The way a router works is this.

    Picture you throwing a baseball, the baseball is the signal.

    Well, you are the router.

    When you throw a baseball.

    Its gotta fall, it goes down and down until it hits the ground.

    Same thing with a signal.

    The signal doesn’t climb to well.

    So, if you wanted a better signal, place ur router up high.

    Put it on a high shelf. Or something similar.

    Or you can build this signal reflector.

    Its like a small 1 foot in diameter round dish that reflects the signal and

    aims it in which ever direction you point it in.

    You can build or buy one.

    here’s how you make one.

    [url is not allowed]

    Look up Router Signal Reflector.

    If you are interested to buy

  5. Those antennae aren’t there just for looks, try adjusting them. Also, you could try buying stronger antannea to boost signal. My router is downstairs and my room with PS3 is upstairs, I have a Linksys Wireless-G with SpeedBoost and I usually have 80-100% signal strength.

  6. No. It’s not standard at all. My routers downstairs and I get 90 to 80% connection. In order to play an online game the minimum is basically 40 percent. And thats with extreme lag as for a solution. I would say use an ethernet cable 100% connection no lag.

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