Home Playstation Forum Since im getting the PS3 60GB who much memory card space does...

Since im getting the PS3 60GB who much memory card space does it have?


isnt it like 250,000?

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  1. Don’t get the PS3- it sucks. Honestly. It’s going to be dead, all it basically is is a cheap blu-ray player. If you want to be staring at nice graphics all day with NOT THAT GREAT gameplay then go right on ahead, but honestly if you want pretty good graphics and good game play, then spend $480 on a Xbox 360 Elite. It has HD ports so you can plug it in for HD TVs so you get nice visuals, and plus Halo 3 is coming out on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

    PLUS, it has 120GB of space. Would your rather have a cheap blu-ray player with 60 GB of space for a whopping $600, or would you rather have HD visuals and awesome gameplay for $480? Totally up to you, but the choice seems logical.

    Xbox 360 Elite.

    You can also get a Wii for $250 if you want ALL gameplay, may I warn you though that the graphics aren’t that great but it’s so much fun and online multiplayer is free. 🙂

    Have fun with whatever you pick, though.

  2. you’re very lucky to be getting it. i wish i could but its so expensive here in south africa, but anyway the guy above gave u the right answer, have fun 🙂

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