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Some HD-DVD movies would not support Xbox 360 HD-DVD player?


Hi I have “Planet Earth” & “Hot Fuzz” on HD-DVD format. I also Xbox 360 & Xbox 360 HD-DVD player too. Both of the movies would not play or support on my 360 HD-DVD player? I contact Xbox 360Techical Support & they say the reason why it would not support is because, company’s that make HD-DVD disk, would not support 360 HD-DVD player? Only just Toshiba?

To me thats sucks & I regret getting the 360. Who should I blame? Microsoft or HD-DVD companys?

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  1. I think MS gave you a lame excuse because they don’t know why. That’s a really lame excuse.

    Take DVD disks for example. All DVD (region locks aside) disks work on all DVD players, not just ones made by Toshiba or Sony.

    If MS complied with the standards, then all HD-DVD disks should play on the 360 HD-DVD player.

    MS and Toshiba are partners behind supporting HD-DVD, so I would think MS would know what the standards are for HD-DVD.

    Try talking to the HD-DVD company that made those movies and see what they have to say? I wouldn’t be surprised if they blame MS for the problem.

  2. Try this. Hook the Xbox directly to the TV. Do not route it through a VCR or other recording device. Also If the tv you are using has a dvd or vcr built in do not use that tv set. Hook it up to another. Most Disney movies and others have a lock that will not allow it to be played if played through a vcr or tivo system for protecting copyright purposes. If that is not the problem then I would jump on the xbox 360 liking but hating microsoft for screwing with it’s customers band wagon.

  3. first you need a big hardrive like the elitle or what ever and dowload a free program and change the drive to your HD drive and wa la!!

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