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Sony PS3 Broken- Help?


Whenever i turn on my PS3 now its just a black screen, no sound or anything, and even when plugged in by a USB cable, the controllers flash red and go out and don’t connect.

Two days ago i could play on it fine, and any day before that it also worked perfectly.

I’ve unplugged it all, reset the playstation (Held down the button for 5 seconds), really tried everything.

If anyone has any ideas how i can fix it please let me know

and also if you think i have to get a knew one (i still have the warranty), would i be able to keep my hard disk or whatever stores the game saves.

Btw its the 40GB Version and is about 4 months old.

Also i dont know how i can transfer the memory and stuff off the PS3 (hard disk) because the screen is just black. what am i supposed to do once i have a memory card plugged in or something?

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  1. I think it is a software problem and give it back to be repaired.You were just unlucky cause there is a change of 0.2% to destroy the system or something like that(i think 2 at 1000 consoles).Or try plugging it again and turn on the TV.

  2. Your HDMI cable might have fallen out. Thats why theres no sound or andthing on the screen.

    If i was you call sony tell them the problem and they can arrange something free. and sometimes even replace it to see wats wrong eith it so it wont happen again in the future

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