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To all xbox 360 SLIM owners, please help me!!easy question that takes 5 seconds!?


hey guys if your reading this please help. i just bought an xbox 360 slim like a month ago from this guy it was new but had no box(we live in israel so that means if no box i pay allot less shipping). he told me it was 10000%%%%% new and that he only needed the 250gb hd so he left me with 4gb so i bought it cheep(listen i was with him when he got the package. he just unwraped all the plastic around the 360 just to take the hdd nad i took the console). now my question is two questions.

1. my fan has this noise [url is not allowed] is it normal?

2. is it possible for him to restart the console to factory settings as if i had a new xbox and turned it on for the first time because im afraid he tricked me and its used so i really want to know how i can check. please help( i was with him but i am afraid he didnt get it before so please just answer my question)

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  1. The thing with paying a low price for something, is you get what you paid for. If a price is too good to be true then it probably is. Just spend the 250 bucks on a new one that you won’t have any issues with for a long time. It’s always a bad idea to take the cheap route through some shady dealer.

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