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Transfering xbox live to xbox live on 360?


ok i have a regular xbox with xbox live that has about 3-4 months of prescription left, im also getting a 360 soon, im just wondering if it’s possible to transfer your xbox live from a regular xbox onto the 360, cause really it just seems like a waste of money when both of the xbox live prescriptions cost the same

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  1. Yes, you navigate through a menu on the 360 and do ‘Recover Gamertag” and it sets it up right there. All you have to do is put in your email and password you registered your first account on the Xbox with and you’re set!

  2. You can go to an option called “Recover Gamertag” on the Xbox 360 to transfer your Xbox Live account over from Xbox to Xbox 360.

    However, it is not like the Xbox version of recover account. It does not ask you about your registration details such as telephone number, address, name and credit card details used for registration.

    The Xbox 360 version requires you to pre-register your Xbox account to http://www.xbox.com and link it in (using a Microsoft Passport where you link an email address to Passport). You then use this email address on the Xbox 360 “Recover Gamertag” option, and it will be treated as a Microsoft passport login and will link to your existing Xbox Live account.

    Sounds a bit complicated, but it’s pretty straightforward!

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