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UPS Store/Shipping Broken Xbox Problem?


Today is 9/5/09, I went to go ship my broken Xbox 360 to the Microsoft repair center in Texas. I had printed a label that Microsoft sent me and taped it to the box. I got to the store, they took it and gave me a receipt with a tracking number and told me to hold onto it. Now I came home and put the tracking number into their website to see if they had moved it in the last couple of hours. I was then told that my package had been delivered on 2/26/09. I then checked Xbox.com’s console status, and it said it was still waiting for my console to be shipped, shouldn’t it technically be “shipped” once they scan the label at the store? I’m hoping they didn’t screw up anything, other wise I’m screwed, I don’t have the money for a new Xbox. Has anyone else experience problems with these microsoft shipping labels?

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  1. It usually says its shipped once it gets to the departure center and gets loaded on the truck or plane for UPS, not at the drop off.

    I would check up on it for the next two days, if not go to the UPS center with your receipt and tell them whats going on.

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