Home Playstation Forum Used ps3’s from GameStop worth it? also super slim or slim?

Used ps3’s from GameStop worth it? also super slim or slim?


I’ve been thinking about getting a ps3 since I haven’t owned an hd console yet but don’t wanna throw all my money at it since I know it’s aging every day more and more. Now I’ve been thinking between a 12gb super slim or a 120gb slim. The difference between the two is 20 dollars but I do like the design of the super slim and could always get a hard drive. But i’m just so scared the console I get from gamestop is gonna break down in a few months time and leave me stranded with only my tears as I spent all the moneys on it. Anyone gotten a used console from gamestop? have they worked for you? Did it look alright or have a gaping whole in the center?

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  1. I got an used ps4 from a pawn shop and it works pretty good and had it for about 7-8 months and have not had any problems with it

  2. just save up and get a new super slim 500GB , the old slims are likely to get the yellow light and die and the 12GB model is completly useless , one large game and its full and some games won’t even fit at all , the difference between buying a 12GB and then getting a 500GB HDD and the bracket or just buying a 500GB ps3 to begin with is not much but its still cheaper and easier to get the 500GB ps3 right away

    there is also the fact that with the used ps3 you are buying a ps3 that was traded in and cleaned up so it might break in a few months and you’ll have no warranty , they give a 30 day guarantee but what happens when your ps3 dies in 31 days? you wasted your money

    save up the extra money and spend the $250 on a new ps3 super slim bundle

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