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Wanting to get a ps3 in china is it really worth it? Or should i wait till i get back home in australia?


Hey people i’m currently working in china and am going to be here for 7 months and am looking at buying a PS3 cause im not really familiar with computer gaming and never will be plus i miss playing on a console. Anyways I was wondering would it be worth buying a ps3 here in china? i’m in the heilongjiang province in mainland china which is very rural and where console gaming is almost non existent despite having found one place that sells consoles and games at a tech market. Secondly What games should i buy that are long lasting and that i won’t get bored of till i get back home? I heard fallout 3 is really good; if anyone has any info on my questions and anything in general that i should know please get back to me ASAP Thanks heaps

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  1. Short answer is yes, definitely worth it if you have access to decent games. I live in Beijing and have one and probably spend too much time playing.

    You may want to check how good your internet connection is before buying, if you want to play multiplayer games. If you have DSL with at least 1Mbps download you’re probably good to go. Generally I get good connections to other people playing in Asia, especially Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the mainland, and right now the most popular game is definitely COD:MW2.

    Other great games that have good single player include:

    Fallout 3

    Demon’s Souls (fantasy RPG)

    Katamari Forever

    Street Fighter IV

    Metal Gear Solid 4


    COD:WAW (zombie mode is great)

    Besides Fallout 3, all those games have multiplayer modes as well.

    Plus you can buy and download games and demos from the PSN store if you have an account and and Aussie credit card.

    Some cool downloadable games include

    Battlefield 1943

    Fat Princess

    Warhawk (but I find this usually to be too laggy to play online)

    Good luck with your purchase.

    PSN username:mao_zedong

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