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What are the pros and cons for playstation 4 and playstation 3 slim 160GB?



  1. cons

    ps3 160GB has not been built for years , its discontinued so you would have an old , used ps3

    there’e really nothing good about owning a 4 year old console with no warranty and a short lifespan left in it

    ps4 – costly , will be a few more months before the big games start to come out regularly

    pros , the use ps3 is going to be cheap , you should be able to buy a 160GB ps3 slim for $120 or less. lots of games available for ps3

    ps4 is next gen , its the best hardware in a console and has some amazing games now and more coming soon

  2. PS3 pros:


    Cheaper accessories

    You can play PS3 games

    New games will probably still be made for it for at least a year or so and most of the new games now(e.g. Destiny) work with the PS3.


    Less Sony support is probable

    After a year or so new games probably will not be compatible

    Hardware not as good.

    PS4 pros:

    Better hardware

    New games after a year or so

    Bragging rights

    Newer design, controllers all in all more modern. The controllers with the added features you will have to decide for yourself if you like them or not.

    Probable better long term support


    More expensive

    More expensive accessories

    No backwards compatibility

    Not many games currently out for the PS4

    Not as tried and true as PS3

    I’d say if you have the money go with the PS4 just because the newer games will be coming out for it. However if money is an issue the PS3 is definitely a solid choice.

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