Home Xbox Forum What are you going to buy a ps4 or an Xbox 1?

What are you going to buy a ps4 or an Xbox 1?


I just want your opinion

And what exclusives do you enjoy

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  1. I have always loved xbox, but this gen, I’m gonna have to go PS4. The game titles are better, it’s $100 dollars cheaper, if you must, you can play offline. There are 2 titles that I was looking forward to from Xbox, Halo 5 and Titanfall. But I’m not going to spend $500 on a system than another $120 just to play 2 games. Not to mention that Microsoft’s being a jerk about it.

    “We Have A Product For People Who Can’t Access The Internet, It’s Called Xbox 360” — Don Mattrick

    Most good next gen games are going to be multi platform, plus you add Infamous: Second Son, the inevitable GoW sequel and the possible Uncharted 4 angle.

    If that’s not enough than look at this:

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  2. Wel I would suggest getting the PS4, since the Xbox 1 is not going to be made by Microsoft, it’s going to be a 100% different!

  3. I’ll wait for some gameplay footage from both consoles and then decide, but PS4 has the lead for now.

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