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What can i buy to set my XBOX 360 up?


I have a New samsung LCD 32 inch tv, a PC and i want to buy a xbox 360 premium.

I know using the standard composite cable it will give me a crappy picture, but i want to use VGA.

My PC is using that VGA slot already though. What could i buy so i can connect both VGA ends into one slot. If possible?

Like a adaptor or two way. Price? Thanks.

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  1. I have an xbox running through a 32″ Samsung lcd, just use the component cables that came with the console. Don’t buy an xbox360 premium though, a lot of problems with reliability mine being one (see my question in this category). Apparently the Elite has had the problems ironed out with new cooling whatsits but the others overheat and conk out. I would go for the Elite or a PS3.

  2. Why not use Component cables? Most likely your tv has this connection and is almost as good as VGA. Component and composite are two different things. You can get component at any game store for around 40$. Also arent the new xboxes uncluding HDMI ports? If your Xbox360 has this surely your tv has HDMI, if not you got a cheaper tv. HDMI is one of the best connections out these days.

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