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What can I do with my YLOD 60GB PS3?


I called Sony and they can can give me a refurbished 60GB PS3 for about £140. But would rather get a new Slim PS3 so the problem doesn’t happen again. Can I take my Yellow Light PS3 anywhere to get money off a Slim PS3?

The PS3 won’t turn on and I still have a disk inside it. Will all my personal data still be on the HDD or will that already be deleted if I was to sell it?

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  1. send it to sony and then sell it then buy a slim

    the 60 gig sells for around the price of a new slim ( because it plays ps2 games ) so you’ll be getting a ps3 slim for cheap.

    your data is on the hdd unless you remove it , insert it in a case and use a computer to reformat it – or remove the hdd and replace it with another one.

  2. u can fix that without sending it to Sony coz it will cost a lot more. So here’s what u need: Heat Gun,liquid flux, Screw Drivers, Heat Sink Compound (white one), some thing that u can use to clean the system and just watch this video from part 1 to 6: [url is not allowed].

    Fluxing Video: [url is not allowed].

    I suggest that u should have someone help u to use the tools(if u dont know how to use it).

    Then after u fix it sell it so u can get the slim.

  3. you should sell the ps3 and buy a new one because 60gb ps3’s are rare now a days so you’ll get more money for it. or you can send it down to Sony to repair it that would be good unless it took you a $100 to fix it if your disk is still in it you should go to some person who fixes electronics and get the disc out. but still you should sell if you want to and get ps3 slim 120gb for the money. wait do you live in England or something because sony in us sometimes gives new ps3 if the one you sent is broken.so yeah i hope you get it fixed

  4. I would suggest fixing it yourself.

    Look at this guide for fixing it before considering anything else:

    [url is not allowed]

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