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what do i need to do to fix my ps3 and make it work perfectly like before?


i had my ps3 for over a year now and the warranty has run out, the problem is that the ps3 only reads demos not games. How do i fix the problem? Would it cost me to get it fixed by the store? Also someone told me to run system backup but it still didnt work and everything i try to fix the ps3 ends up with the same result!

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  1. It seems the Blu-Ray Laser malfunctioning after warranty has been a common occurence on the original PS3s. Send it in to Sony and if you’re lucky, because it’s an original 60GB they might still fix it under warranty and give you extended warranty on it. That’s what happened for me.

  2. it is your bluray disk drive you need to get a new one put in or get it fixed so i would call either sony up or give your local tech shop a call they might know how to fix it.

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