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What does installing a game to your Xbox 360 Hard Drive actually do?


I am going to be getting a new Xbox 360 250GB, but i have heard about installing games to your hard drive, as i am new to Xbox (used to have a PS3) i have no idea what it is, please explain! 🙂

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  1. All game disks that you install to your hard drive still requires the disk to be in the system (except for disks that provide downloads for the main game), mostly because Microsoft isn’t quite that stupid to allow people to rent or borrow games, install them, and keep them for free. There are still bonuses to installing games though: reduced heat and noise production; reduced wear and tear on the system and disk; some games experience reduced loading times and glitches; and if your disk gets damaged, you can continue to play the installed data, as long as your system can read the beginning of the disk and start the game.

  2. if u install a game on the hardrive you can play it by inserting the disk but the disk will not spin because the xbox will read game from the harddrive but the cd should be inserted (choose it as the best answer 😀 )

  3. Installing your game(s) makes the Xbox run your games faster (cuts down load times etc.) and quieter (if the game is installed, the disc won’t be spinning thus making it more quiet). Also it is said that it can possibly extend the life span of your Xbox since it puts less stress on it from not spinning as much.

  4. you dont have to put athe disk in when you want to play a game instead you transfer it to your hard drive and you can play the game without getting up and putting the game in

  5. not much. to play the game you still have to put the disk in.

    All it does is when your paying the game it makes the disk drive stop spinning. but its useless.

  6. Yep that’s all it does, they would be stupid to let you do what you think you can do yes? I hoped for that once also

  7. it’s like data install for games. it cuts down on the game’s loading times. i think it’s great, provided you have the space for it.

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