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What game should I get out of these ones.? I’m only buying 1 of these!?


1. Midnight Club: Los Angeles

2. Guitar Hero: World Tour

3. Little Big Planet

4. Resistance 1 or 2

I’m leaning towards Midnight Club: LA, or Little Big Planet. I can only get 1.
Is Midnight Club: Los Angeles any good? Is IT worth buying?

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  1. it’s hard to say because all 4 of those games are from different genres. I’m not a fan of rythum games that much, so i wouldn’t buy GH and it’s sorta the same thing as all the others. Midnight club got pretty good reviews but i would definitely get motorstorm p.c. instead for a racing game. but still i wouldn’t get it. LittleBigPlanet looks really fun and i think it’s worth picking up right away. I’m going to rent this game so i will get back to you and tell you how good it is. Well resistance is a pretty sweet game, both of them. It all depends if you want a shooter or a platformer. I did manage to get the R2 beta so i will tell you how that goes once i will play it.

    i would go for LBP, but that’s just me

  2. Well, let’s scratch the first two.

    That leaves LBP and Resistance.

    If you want a shoot-’em-up game that requires strategy, go for Resistance 2.

    If you want a puzzle game that requires you to think, and gives you the option of creating, go for LBP.

  3. Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet are all god games. It doesn’t matter which one of these you pick, because they’re all great!

  4. little big planet is the best game i would suggest resistance 2 also im buying both of those games

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