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What Is A Good Rpg For Either The Pc Or the PS3?


Whats a Good rpg that for rither the pc or ps3?

i plan to get the new baulders gate if it ever comes out

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  1. Mercenaries 2 World in flames, WoW (i wouldnt kno but my dad plays everday all day so it must be good), RuneScape (if u enjoy being ga y), and lastly Mirror’s Edge

  2. Fallout 3 is out for PC, but if you’re a hardcore RPGer you’ll probably be a bit disappointed with it. I thought it was a great game, but a terrible rpg.

    Have you tried retro RPGing? Ultima 7, if you haven’t played it, is possibly my favourite “light” RPG ever. The world is awesome, the story is fantastic, and it is remarkably free-roaming. If you can find it as abandonware online (I’m not sure about its status now, but it was reported as aw a while ago) it can be downloaded for free, but you’ll also need to download Exult (google it) to get it working on modern computers. The only thing “light” about it is the stats, though – this game deserves to be a GIANT among rpgs.

    EDIT Oh I’ve got to recommend the Knights of the Old Republic too. Nice choice.

  3. If you have an exceptional PC, I would recommend Crysis for the computer. Amazing graphics and Gameplay.

    Otherwise for the PC I would recommend any of the Knights of the Old Republic Installments. Hands Down the Best RPG I have ever played.

  4. it depends on what you like if ur into robitics there AOA which is free account and download. WoW you have to buy those and there a monthly fee of $15 Archlord is like WoW but is free Flyff is like cartoonish but its pretty fun, shaiya is fast paced and is pretty darn good for a free MMORPG check out a list of free mmorpgs at fileplanet or do a search for free mmorpgs there also mmohub.net or.com i believe. all of those can be downloaded there except WoW. only if u want to do a 10 day free trail there you can download it. Massive file. For the PS3 if you like shoot games any of the Call of Duties. or Grand theft auto.

  5. I’d say world of warcraft if your willing to fall into the bond of “till death do you part” its addicting and itll shortly become your life unless your not that interested in it. Some MU servers are still pretty fun for awhile. and if you like fps rpgs then combat arms is ok. For ps3 theres not much out there yet but id say mercs 2 world in flames it pretty good for a while.

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