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What is the best choice for a PS3?


I’m stuck on what to get. A 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, or the 120GB Slim. Be VERY specific on what the very best choice is.

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  1. get the 80GB. that what i have, and have had it since the ps3 came out. you won’t have to worry about space. i still have a lot of space, and have downloaded a lot of stuff. with the 60, or 40 you might have to start worrying.

  2. 60GB, i have the 60GB and it is backwards compatible – i.e. it can play your old ps2 and ps games, also it has slots to put your memory cards in – i.e. pro stick duo, and those camera cards, and to be honest 60GB is a lot of space

  3. it all depends on you the slim doesn’t look as nice as the other 3 models but the 60gb plays ps2 games. And certain models of the 80gb will also play ps2 games. The 40,60 and 80 all look super shiny and glossy but at the same time there discontinued. I would get the slim for its slim design and its new.

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