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What is the best PS3 to get?


what model of PS3 should I get. I am not a serious game for example i play maybe every second day. Should I get the 20G, 40G , 60G , 80G or the 120G. witch one is the best for the price and all the extra things you get with it

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  1. i would personally say a 80gb because i find it very reliable than the other ones and u still have a lot of space

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  3. Hello, I work at Gamestop so I think I can probably help you.

    It really depends on what you want out of the system, so let’s run down a few of the characteristics:

    Backward Compatibility – This is a really cool feature if you like to play a lot of different games, as you have access to the PS2’s library as well, which is huge and CHEAP. However, this feature will drive the price of your PS3 up 60-100 dollars and they can only be found on the internet or in used game stores. I would certainly recommend it.

    Hard drive – There’s not too big of a difference between all the hard drives if you’re just going to play games on it. Most games require an install to alleviate loading times for the game, but beyond that they don’t take up much room. However, another thing to consider is the various downloads through PSN. If you’re going to be downloading movies or tv shows, or more likely demos, that hard drive might fill up quickly. I would recommend between 60-80 GB as you probably won’t use 120 unless you download like crazy or are a demo pack rat.

    New vs. Used – Used consoles come with a guarantee if you purchase them through the store or a verified online seller like eBay or Amazon. I know that with GameStop you can buy a 2 year warranty for the system that will get it replaced in store if it stops working on you. However, there can be such things as marks or the hassle of having to bring it back that can dissuade you from buying used. If you buy new, you get the benefits of a mint system, plus you can get things in bundles. Best Buy, Gamestop, and other electronics stores offer different bundles, for example most places are offering the collector’s edition of Final Fantasy Advent Children with the system.

    In all, my recommendation would be exactly what I bought. A backwards compatible 60 GB system. It does everything that the system should be able too, it’s 40 bucks cheaper than the 80 GB model so you can buy another game or controller, and you have lot’s of PS2 games you can try out too!

    BY THE WAY: Make sure if you want to play PS2 games DO NOT purchase the Metal Gear Solid bundle as these are non BC systems. Always make sure you check which is which with the person you buy it from.

  4. Steven is wrong about the 80 GB MGS4 bundle not playing PS2 games. It will play PS2 games, just not as many as the 20 GB and 60 GB (about 80%) since it used software emulation. Same goes for the 80 GB Motorstorm bundle.

    There is no 120 GB model. There is a 160 GB model.

    I would just buy a brand new 80 GB core model off of your local Best Buy or Wal-Mart shelf. You’ll have plenty of hard drive space, runs more efficiently (quieter, doesn’t get as hot, and more power efficient) than the older PS3 models, and gives you a 1 year Sony warranty (be sure to keep the receipt).

    If you’re truly desperate to play PS2 games on a PS3, then hunt for a 60 GB model online somewhere as this model has all the available PS3 features in addition to 99% PS2 compatibility.

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